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And sits. This is what an abandoned car looks like in city records. Why does it take so long for city agencies to do anything. Photo: Howsmydrivingny.nyc That’s bad enough, but you may remember that Fourth Avenue is home to a brand new protected bike lane, which the Department of Transportation recently painted. Painted, that is, except for the spot where the junked car has been sitting. The DOT had a ceremonial ribbon-cutting on that very bike lane on Nov. 8. And yet the car is still sitting there. The Department of Sanitation and the NYPD have been alerted about the car repeatedly via 311.


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(Getty Images) Motorists in the Summerlin area can expect daytime travel delays over the next two weeks on portions of the 215 Beltway. Daytime resurfacing work on the 215 between Tropicana Avenue and Charleston Boulevard kicked off Thursday and is expected to last until click over here now Nov. 24, according to Erik Pappa, Clark County spokesman. Work is slated to take place as early as 8 a.m. and as late as 5 p.m. Monday-Friday, with the hours dependent on the temperature, Pappa said. Saturday paving operations are also possible during the two weeks. The recent drop in temperatures doesn’t allow the work to occur overnight when traffic volume is lower as it needs to be at least 50 degrees in order for the pavement to settle correctly. This portion of the 215 Beltway sees 108,000 vehicles travel on it per day, according to the Nevada Department of Transportation.